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Driving Profit Through Direct Sales

Our Clients enjoy significantly higher profits after working with us.  

We share the risk and return with some of our clients.  That means we deliver services for a share of revenue.

We are a global digital agency that works with clients who sell travel, tours and activities on their websites.

This means we work in two key categories.

Hotels, Resorts and Accommodation providers

Activities, Experiences and Tours Business

We work with clients who have a direct business channel from their websites.

We drive direct bookings and sales for our clients on their websites

How we work


Without a carefully planned strategy, you will waste money on things that just don’t deliver. We have a well-tested playbook. We work with all the online marketing tools – SEO, Search marketing, social marketing and email.


For all our clients this means direct sales without the OTA commissions. We work to achieve a return on advertising spend that multiples the value of this effort. It takes a little time but a returnn of up to 20 times spend is possible


This is your first challenge. Your website just needs to be visible to people looking for your business like yours. You have to be visible to be in the game. We create local visibility and drive website traffic through free and paid media. The challenge in 2023 is to be visible wherever ever your potential customers spend their time online.


Getting the customer to your site is part of the challenge. You then need to ensure they convert to a sale. We help ensure we can convert this traffic to paying customers. Conversion optimisation is one of our specialties.


We plan our media partners carefully to ensure you maximise your return. And we work to build loyalty and repeat business with targeted advertising and email.


Our unrivalled experience in this sector is what drives clients to our business. We have worked with the challenge for a long time now. We have a realistic approach to achieving a return for your business.

What our clients say

Gosh, what can I say about Simon that hasn’t been said during his stellar career as a digital thought leader, entrepreneur, founder of several successful internet companies and digital commentator?

I guess I can say that, apart from knowing pretty much everything there is to know about the internet – including what happened yesterday (because something always happened yesterday and Simon always knows about it) Simon is able to explain it in terms that even I can understand.

And he’s able to tell you what it means to your business and how you can profit from it. Whenever I need to know anything at all about digital marketing (and there’s a huge amount I don’t know) Simon can always help me.

And he’s also a very nice guy who is very commercially minded and practical.

Steve Hall, CEO

I worked with Simon from 2008 until 2013 – and during that time I’ve seen why Simon is one of the country’s leading digital minds. His deep knowledge of the Australian business landscape combined with his digital expertise has been used to benefit many clients over the years.

Simon’s ability to dissect complex business problems is unsurpassed. Whether it’s leading strategic workshops, consulting on large-scale projects or launching a greenfields business – Simon’s pragmatism and straight-forward approach is one of the key reasons for his continued success.

Anthony Slater, Docusign - Director

I met Simon while working with TradingPost as they reworked their online business model. At the time Simon and his team had been working with Trading Post for some time and I noted a strong trust and respect for Simon from the TradingPost executives.

During my tenure Simon was instrumental in helping TradingPost understand the benefits of adding an auction site to their online model. He provided business as well as technical expertise which was fundamental to guide how the site requirements evolved.

I continue to be impressed with the depth of technical knowledge Simon has in the eCommerce space as well as enthusiasm and energy for all emerging technologies. I find him to be someone of high integrity and sincerity and can recommend him highly.

Karan Gerard, Vice President

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Getting website visitors is the easy part.   The more important consideration is those visitors going to buy from you.  Getting traffic is expensive so you have to work out what it takes to get those browsers to become buyers. 

We know what it takes so the answer is yes. 

This takes time and commitment to a plan.  There are no overnight success stories in marketing these days.   It’s about planning, commitment and changing the plan as other things change.

We have a playbook.   If your business is ready for us we work to get you a ROAS of 12 in 6 months and 20 in 12 months.  I.e spend $1 get $20 back.  Starting from scratch takes longer.    A fresh start needs at least 3 months for us to prepare you and the business for the next stage of direct bookings or sales.

We quote for our services by month. You pay your own media.  There are no surprises and you can cancel anytime.

We work with some of our clients on a share risk basis.   We take a share of the revenue we generate.   You won’t pay for the services on this work.

We charge by the month.  We always need monthly updates, maintenance, and reporting.   It’s easier for our clients to manage when they have this regular attention.

Simple packages billed monthly.   

Fixed price no surprises.

We work to build direct sales and ongoing customer relationships.


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