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Our Purpose

Blue Road helps unlock the business potential offered by being digital. Blue Road does that by connecting the blue sky, in other words the idea that a business might have, to the blue ocean, in other words the differentiating strategy with the people, process and technology needed to make that a reality.


  • Blue Road was conceived to shape the digital future of our clients.
  • We started this business because most innovation and digital projects fail or take too long.
  • It’s not about the technology, it’s about the people, about the leadership and about the strategy.
  • We help digitise internal cultures to create the environment for success.


  • We are a team of change agents and subject matter experts who have real experience at the coalface with leadership, innovation and management.
  • We have worked with most of Australia’s biggest brands and we’ve worked in digital, publishing and consulting.
  • We have the people and the process to deliver nearly any digital project.

Simon van Wyk founded the biggest digital agency in Australia.Hothouse looked after many of Australia’s biggest brands, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Toyota, Fairfax, Channel 7, Telstra, HCF, Microsoft and many others.

Simon identified there was a need to do things differently. and Blue Road was born.

The market for digital services has changed, primarily because of its complexity. Digital’s become more important and it’s also more complex. It’s also clear now that companies that don’t change with their customers are doomed. And the customers have all moved to digital, particularly mobile.

Many companies have been left behind and there is no question, digital maturity is a topic in every boardroom. But how do you do this? Agencies are challenged by the pace of change and because this is critical it can’t be outsourced. Companies actually need to own it. The business needs to own their digital future and many don’t know where to start.

Simon Van Wyk has 20 years building digital maturity into Australia’s most innovative companies and Blue Road helps unlock the business potential offered by being digital.


  • We deliver senior teams of business problem solvers to our clients projects.
  • We have a set of tools and methodologies to better understand your business and the challenges.
  • We work in a transparent manner with your teams to solve your digital problems.
  • We have the tools and the process to deliver any project in an Agile manner.
  • We bring highly skilled cross functional teams to deep and complex problems.
  • We help with the process needed to be digital, we assist in the technology selection and we find the people to deliver.


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